GSL provide the certifications services on ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems, ISO 20000 IT Service Management Systems, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems, ISO 55001 Asset Management Systems, FSSC, IATF 16949 Automotive, CoC (Code of Conduct), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), 5S, six sigma, PCI-DSS, FSC-COC, HACCP, GMP, BSCI, CE marking, halal certification etc.


All Industries are categorized in 4o different sectors

Industries or Fields

GlobCertify offer following popular management certification as per various IAF Code,

IAF No. Sector/ Activities Applicabe Standards
01 Agriculture, fishing QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
02 Mining and Quarrying QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
03 Food products, beverages and tobacco FSMS, FSSC, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
04 Textiles and textile products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, BSCI, SEDEX
05 Leather and Leather products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
06 Wood and wood products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
07 Pulp, Paper and paper products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
08 Publishing companies QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
09 Printing companies QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
10 Manuf. of coke and refined petroleum products FSMS, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
11 Nuclear fuel QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibers QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
13 Pharmaceuticals QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
14 Rubber and plastic products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
15 Non-metallic mineral products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
16 Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc. QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, RMS, EnMS
18 Machinery and equipmentg QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
19 Electrical and optical equipment QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
20 Shipbuilding QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
21 Aerospace QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
22 Transport equipment QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
23 Manufacturing not elsewhere classified QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
24 Recycling SRMS, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
25 Electricity Supply QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
26 Gas Supply QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
27 Water Supply QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
28 Construction QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
29 Wholesale and retail trade: Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
30 Hotels and restaurants FSMS, FSSC, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
31 Transport, storage and communication QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
32 Financial intermediation; real estate; renting ISMS, ABMS, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
33 Information Technology ISMS, ITSMS, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
34 Engineering services QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, AMS, RMS, EnMS
35 Other Services QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
36 Public administration QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
37 Education QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
38 Health and social work QMS, EMS, OH&SMS, ABMS
39 Social services QMS, EMS, OH&SMS
40 Medical Devices, medical products MDMS, QMS, EMS, OH&SMS

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